Trainer Template

Class:  NRA Basic Pistol

Location:  Schultz Gun Club, W146 S8025 Schultz Lane, Muskego, WI 53150.

Date:  11 Jun 2016 1-6pm

Fee:  $60

Payment Method:  PayPal due at least 24 hours prior to class.

Check payment Policy:  Personal or business check must be received ten business days prior to class.  In the event that a payment fails to process, student will be contacted.

Prerequisite: NRA phase 1 at

Bring with You:  Please bring materials received from phase 1, earplugs and eye-protection.

Payee Cancellation Policy:  No cash refunds.  Allow rain check for another upcoming class, if applicable,  that falls within current calendar year.

Trainer Cancellation Policy:  Outdoor range.  Will not cancel due to weather.