Wisconsin SB169

This past month has been pretty interesting in the state of Wisconsin when it comes to concealed carry.  The senate held a public hearing on SB169, a bill that would change the current concealed carry law.  One is that it would remove the requirement to attain a permit to carry concealed.  This would be what most would call permitless carry.  The Wisconsin constitution already provides that the residents of Wisconsin “The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose.”  The requirement for permits came later.  The second is a change to the possession of a firearm on school property.  Right now if you are caught on school grounds in the state of Wisconsin with a firearm you can be charged with a felony.  The arguments from the left seemed to have no bearing on the actual bill and what it states.  They instead focused on guns and children don’t mix, well this doesn’t allow children to possess firearms, it still states that you must be 18 in the state of Wisconsin to possess a handgun and 21 to purchase a handgun or handgun ammo.  It was also stated that the police would be able to tell the bad guys from the good guys.  If that is the case I think that the police in that district should get the additional training.  You can tell by the way the gun is pointed, if it is shooting at kids it is the bad guy, if it is shooting at the shooter it is a good guy.  The schools would still have the right to post no firearms on the property, this then becomes a misdemeanor trespass and not a felony.  Now if you are there to do harm to children or staff I understand this but when you are picking your child up from school and you have a firearm in your vehicle you could be charged with a felony.  This seems a little extreme.  I carry, I also pick my daughter up from school time to time.  So if I have to pick my daughter up for an appointment in Milwaukee, I would have to go from work to home to secure my firearm, pick her up from school, go to my home and pick up my firearm and then take her to her appointment.  Do the same to take her back to school.  Doesn’t really make sense.  I do think people should get training before they carry a firearm, I also think most drivers in this state could take a driving refresher course because the way they handle that 3000lb weapon on a daily basis freaks me out more than wondering if someone is carry concealed.  I know this comes to a shock to the legislators and the left, you cannot make laws to prevent criminals from being criminals or idiots from being idiots.

Wisconsin legislators do the right thing and pass this bill.

Second Amendment Under Attack Again

Our second amendment right are under attack again.  Anti-Gunners say their city is safe so the mayor of Madison is fighting the state of Wisconsin on gun (really people) control.  He says that he, or the city, should be able to decide or limit CCW on city buses.  I always find it amazing how they will trample my right to carry and protect myself at the drop of a hat but will scream at the top of their lungs if any other right is perceived violated.  Well this time he says that Madison is a very safe city and there are no problems on the bus system that would warrant the allowing of people needing to protect themselves.  Well, like always the facts contradict that argument.  According to Neighborhood Scout you are at risk of a violent crime 1 out of every 278 people in Madison.  Now I am sure there are more than that number riding the buses everyday, over 15 million riders in 2016.  There were reports of a bus driver for Madison Metro being attacked by passengers, calls for disorderly conduct that resulted in the police stunning an assailant and a lady passenger who was sexually assaulted while riding the same bus line.  Now if she was carrying and able to defend herself I am sure that this attack could have been prevented.  Now I know the Socialist Mayor, who by the way gave the key to the city to Fidel Castro, does not want his people to be able to fend for themselves as this lessens his control, but we need to continue to fight these little battles or we will lose the 2nd Amendment War.  Madison is just one of many larger cities that law abiding citizens have their Constitutional Rights restricted in favor of falling for this false media perception that those who carry will turn every situation into a shooting gallery.  I bet one of the people around Parliament in the UK wishes they could have been carrying a gun that could have prevented even one death.  Maybe if the criminals have a healthy fear of their would be victims these wouldn’t happen.  Criminals target the weak.  If you remove or restrict a person’s ability to defense themselves you give criminals target rich environments.  That is why schools and other “Gun Gree zones” are popular with the shooters.  Those anti-gunners will say that those of us who carry are paranoid and that nothing will ever happen, but there were almost 900 violent attacks in Madison last year.  I know I am focusing on the crime rate in Madison the most but this is were the Mayor is fighting the State over Concealed Carry once again.  If you go into Milwaukee the chance of attack is even higher.  Now you are talking over 9,600 violent attacks.  Doing the math that is over 26 a day.  That is not paranoia, that is being prepared.  Like I said earlier, we must continue to fight each of these little 2nd Amendment battles so we don’t loose the War over The Right To Bear Arms.

CCW, Why can’t I carry here?

I work for a very good company.  They do a good job of treating everyone with respect and try to provide a safe environment to work.  It is however, difficult to provide a safe environment outside of the area you control.  This business, like so many, can only control what happens within the walls and even that is difficult at times.  Most places have work place violence rules in place for employees to follow.  This helps prevent aggressive behavior, harassment and hopefully violence.  The issue really is that people who are pre-disposed or who have criminal behavior don’t really follow rules anyway.  These businesses also tend to think that if firearms are allowed in the work place that it would become a shooting gallery.  The truth is that most people who carry legally are the most law abiding.  Have you ever heard of a mass shooting at an NRA event or even a gun show?  Me neither.  I am sure that a company would rather have rules in place that they could defend in court if an incident ever occurred.  This however puts people at risk, not the ivory tower people that make the rules, they have parking structures, it is those who have to park in an open parking lot or even walk to get to their vehicle.

Putting restrictions on employee’s ability to protect themselves between the business and their car creates a gap in protection.  Our company policy is if you feel threatened you can ask security to walk you to your car.  I don’t know about your place of work but I would end up having to defend them if anything occurred, they are definitely not secret service caliber protection.  In the state of Wisconsin an employer can prohibit an employee from exercising their constitutional right to bear arms.  Can you imagine if your employer tried to limit any other constitutional right?  The employer cannot however prevent them from storing their handgun in their automobile even if it is on company property. So now I am storing a loaded firearm in my vehicle for the 9 or 10 hours I am at work.  Hmmm, really?  How is that going to help me if I am approaching my car and the window is broken and criminal one is holding my gun.  That would really suck.  I guess I can’t sue the company if I am killed with my own gun in their parking lot.  I guess my wife and children could sue but that would probably go nowhere fast.  Oh well, at least they provide two years’ salary in case I die.

Back to the original thought I had.   I work for a good company.  They are intent on keeping me safe.  The global security sent out a message on Friday informing everyone that one that there was criminal activity in the parking lot on company property.  The security team approached the individual stealing private property and the security guard was threatened with a knife.  The police were called and the individual was arrested.  This could have ended very different.  What if it wasn’t a security person that came upon the criminal, how would that have played out?  It wasn’t even a year ago that a visitor to the company was assaulted at the same campus.  This also occurs on college campuses.  I attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee campus.  The area of Milwaukee is not the best.  There were often times reports of criminal activity.  So many times the University President would say how safe the campus was but there were always those reports being sent out.  Here again the campus has a policy that if you don’t feel safe the campus police, who are armed, will escort you.  Just think, what if you could defend yourself?  I guess they wouldn’t have anything to do but bust underage drinking, frat parties and issue me parking tickets.   If campus is so safe, why are they armed?  Maybe to just look cool.  Criminal activity occurs anywhere a criminal thinks they will have easy targets.  No one would rob a gang of bikers; they would get the A$$e$ kicked.  The lion attacks the weak, old or the easy prey, porcupines have few natural enemies.  Why? They are heavily armed with few weaknesses.

Limiting law abiding citizens from protecting themselves might be legal, it might make sense to lawyers and those who live in gated communities but those of us who live in the real world understand that protecting ourselves and our loved ones is the most important thing we can do.  As a husband and a father, I want to provide for my family, this is spiritually, financially and physical protect from what this world brings.  I need to come home every day; they need to go to bed every night knowing that they are safe.  I don’t lock the door because I hate everyone outside the doors are locked because I love everyone inside.  Don’t infringed on my right to protect my family or myself.   Don’t Infringe on My rights to Bear Arms.

Update to Wisconsin CCW training

An addition to the training manual has been made specifically to address the use of electronic weapons, i.e. stun guns commonly known as Tasers ™. These have been confusing in the state of Wisconsin.  Before Act 35 and resolution 93 enacting Concealed Carry within the state these types of weapons were banned.  They do fall under the preview of the Concealed Carry Laws.  These are designed be used offensively or defensively, to immobilize or incapacitate by the use of electric current.  Appendix H of the training manual is covered under Wis statute 941.295.  It does state that you must have a concealed carry license to carry or possess an electronic weapon.  Transporting is not illegal if it is in a case.  These are the same rules if transporting any firearm.  You can also possess an electronic weapon in your dwelling, place of business or on your land.

Some store locations that sell these will only sell them if you are a licensed Concealed Carry holder. Others however do not require this and they are placed out on an open rack.  It is important to note that the statute states in 1m whoever sells, transports manufactures possesses or goes armed with any electronic weapon is guilty of a Class H Felony.  Paragraph 2 describes who is exempt from paragraph 1m.

It is important to stay apprised of changes or updates to the law and training.


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Protecting the 2A

This is a perfect example of why it is so important that we stay vigilant and work to continue to protect the 2nd Amendment.  Man walking his dog in a “quiet neighborhood” and gets jumped by armed assailants.  They didn’t plan on him being armed and a good shot.  Funny how the article calls the armed assailant a victim during the shooting.  Just because he was shot doesn’t make him a victim, it makes him a wounded or dead suspect in an armed robbery.


Stay safe, get to the range and always carry.

Teen shot, killed by CCW permit holder, while attempting armed robbery: “Picked the wrong guy”

Practice, Practice then Practice more

I have now been shooting IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) events for the past year. I am also an active member a t a local gun club and teach basic pistol classes for the NRA.  Before all of this I spent 21 years in the US Army, all in a Combat Arms role.  To say the least I have fired quite a few rounds in my day.  Shooting everything from a 9MM handgun to the M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun.   I have even had the pleasure of pulling the cord on a 3 inch, 75 mm artillery piece.  This past weekend I shot a match with the Badger IDPA in low light conditions.  Tough match under difficult situation of holding a flashlight and firing stationary and on the move.  I made the huge mistake of not pulling the trigger since the August match.  This means not shooting for about 3 months.  Man did suck.  Nothing will replace actually going to the range and firing your firearm of choice.  Putting rounds down range is how a shooter gets better.  It also makes a good shooter more effective.  The good news for me was that I was only engaging paper targets, if I had to use these skills under a real situation it would not have been the best situation.


The biggest things as shooters and CCW holders it is our responsibility to be accurate at shooting. Firing inaccurate in a crowd could have a terrible outcome.  I know that I will dedicate more of my time doing dry fire drills but also putting rounds down range.

Supporting your 2nd Amendment right and deciding to carry

This is a monumental decision. This decision can be life changing.  If you need to use your gun in self-defense it will forever change who you are in some people’s minds.  It could also impact you legally.  You could be charged with homicide.  Hopefully it would be deemed as justifiable homicide and this will not go any further.  This does not protect you from civil suits or possible criminal suits.  I am not trying to scare anyone away, it is just the facts.  I have heard it said “I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”.  Okay, outside of the legal and civil aspects let’s talk about the moral choice and personal ability.  When deciding to carry you have to think about what could be the end result.  The taking of human life.  If you can look deep inside yourself and say “I could never take another human’s life” then you should not carry.  What you will end up doing is carrying the weapon that will do you in.  The criminal will not have any problem in taking you gun from you and using it against you.  You will in effect, give them the tools to do bodily harm to yourself and possibly your loved ones.  No can say that, without a doubt, how they will react in this situation.  Until you have to lock and load preparing to defend yourself or your family’s life, you will not know.  If at this point you want to carry, whether to protect yourself and family or just to exercise your 2nd Amendment right training will be paramount.  Getting formal training is a great place to start.  Beyond the formal training there is practice.  If you think you can watch a video or take a couple hour class and be proficient at using your gun for self-defense you are sadly mistaken.  Nothing replaces pulling the trigger at the range.  It is also beneficial to go to a range were you can draw from your holster or concealed placement and fire while moving. You will never regret being “over trained” or “over practiced”.

Gerhardt Bobzien