Self-Defense Training


Trainer is certified by the National Rifle Association, (NRA) to teach, “Refuse to be a Victim,” “Basic Pistol,” and “Personal Protection in the Home.”

Upon successful completion, our certified training meets the requirements for a Wisconsin Concealed Carry permit.  We provide instructor lead Concealed Carry training adhering to state of Wisconsin requirements for Concealed Carry Law.  Cannonball Defense meets the minimum requirement as well as optional additional training that will assist students to become more comfortable and proficient at using a self defense weapon.

Minimum training for concealed carry requires a four hour course.


Cannonball Defense brings many aspects of self defense training together, providing a different attitude to training.  You would not buy a piano, take a single class and think that you could play in Carnegie Hall.  The same is true for firearms.  Taking a CCW course without firing a gun is not recommended, but is left up to the decision of the student. Taking the training with us includes optional help in choosing the appropriate weapon for you, not the guy behind the counter.  It also includes a trip to the range. You will also have the option to go to the range with instructor to fire guns before buying. If you already own a self defense weapon, time on the range will help you become more familiar with the one you have.  These additional options would be set up separately from the class be one on one or in a very small group.

Serving Wisconsin and surrounding areas.

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