Wisconsin SB169

This past month has been pretty interesting in the state of Wisconsin when it comes to concealed carry.  The senate held a public hearing on SB169, a bill that would change the current concealed carry law.  One is that it would remove the requirement to attain a permit to carry concealed.  This would be what most would call permitless carry.  The Wisconsin constitution already provides that the residents of Wisconsin “The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security, defense, hunting, recreation or any other lawful purpose.”  The requirement for permits came later.  The second is a change to the possession of a firearm on school property.  Right now if you are caught on school grounds in the state of Wisconsin with a firearm you can be charged with a felony.  The arguments from the left seemed to have no bearing on the actual bill and what it states.  They instead focused on guns and children don’t mix, well this doesn’t allow children to possess firearms, it still states that you must be 18 in the state of Wisconsin to possess a handgun and 21 to purchase a handgun or handgun ammo.  It was also stated that the police would be able to tell the bad guys from the good guys.  If that is the case I think that the police in that district should get the additional training.  You can tell by the way the gun is pointed, if it is shooting at kids it is the bad guy, if it is shooting at the shooter it is a good guy.  The schools would still have the right to post no firearms on the property, this then becomes a misdemeanor trespass and not a felony.  Now if you are there to do harm to children or staff I understand this but when you are picking your child up from school and you have a firearm in your vehicle you could be charged with a felony.  This seems a little extreme.  I carry, I also pick my daughter up from school time to time.  So if I have to pick my daughter up for an appointment in Milwaukee, I would have to go from work to home to secure my firearm, pick her up from school, go to my home and pick up my firearm and then take her to her appointment.  Do the same to take her back to school.  Doesn’t really make sense.  I do think people should get training before they carry a firearm, I also think most drivers in this state could take a driving refresher course because the way they handle that 3000lb weapon on a daily basis freaks me out more than wondering if someone is carry concealed.  I know this comes to a shock to the legislators and the left, you cannot make laws to prevent criminals from being criminals or idiots from being idiots.

Wisconsin legislators do the right thing and pass this bill.

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