Second Amendment Under Attack Again

Our second amendment right are under attack again.  Anti-Gunners say their city is safe so the mayor of Madison is fighting the state of Wisconsin on gun (really people) control.  He says that he, or the city, should be able to decide or limit CCW on city buses.  I always find it amazing how they will trample my right to carry and protect myself at the drop of a hat but will scream at the top of their lungs if any other right is perceived violated.  Well this time he says that Madison is a very safe city and there are no problems on the bus system that would warrant the allowing of people needing to protect themselves.  Well, like always the facts contradict that argument.  According to Neighborhood Scout you are at risk of a violent crime 1 out of every 278 people in Madison.  Now I am sure there are more than that number riding the buses everyday, over 15 million riders in 2016.  There were reports of a bus driver for Madison Metro being attacked by passengers, calls for disorderly conduct that resulted in the police stunning an assailant and a lady passenger who was sexually assaulted while riding the same bus line.  Now if she was carrying and able to defend herself I am sure that this attack could have been prevented.  Now I know the Socialist Mayor, who by the way gave the key to the city to Fidel Castro, does not want his people to be able to fend for themselves as this lessens his control, but we need to continue to fight these little battles or we will lose the 2nd Amendment War.  Madison is just one of many larger cities that law abiding citizens have their Constitutional Rights restricted in favor of falling for this false media perception that those who carry will turn every situation into a shooting gallery.  I bet one of the people around Parliament in the UK wishes they could have been carrying a gun that could have prevented even one death.  Maybe if the criminals have a healthy fear of their would be victims these wouldn’t happen.  Criminals target the weak.  If you remove or restrict a person’s ability to defense themselves you give criminals target rich environments.  That is why schools and other “Gun Gree zones” are popular with the shooters.  Those anti-gunners will say that those of us who carry are paranoid and that nothing will ever happen, but there were almost 900 violent attacks in Madison last year.  I know I am focusing on the crime rate in Madison the most but this is were the Mayor is fighting the State over Concealed Carry once again.  If you go into Milwaukee the chance of attack is even higher.  Now you are talking over 9,600 violent attacks.  Doing the math that is over 26 a day.  That is not paranoia, that is being prepared.  Like I said earlier, we must continue to fight each of these little 2nd Amendment battles so we don’t loose the War over The Right To Bear Arms.

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