CCW, Why can’t I carry here?

I work for a very good company.  They do a good job of treating everyone with respect and try to provide a safe environment to work.  It is however, difficult to provide a safe environment outside of the area you control.  This business, like so many, can only control what happens within the walls and even that is difficult at times.  Most places have work place violence rules in place for employees to follow.  This helps prevent aggressive behavior, harassment and hopefully violence.  The issue really is that people who are pre-disposed or who have criminal behavior don’t really follow rules anyway.  These businesses also tend to think that if firearms are allowed in the work place that it would become a shooting gallery.  The truth is that most people who carry legally are the most law abiding.  Have you ever heard of a mass shooting at an NRA event or even a gun show?  Me neither.  I am sure that a company would rather have rules in place that they could defend in court if an incident ever occurred.  This however puts people at risk, not the ivory tower people that make the rules, they have parking structures, it is those who have to park in an open parking lot or even walk to get to their vehicle.

Putting restrictions on employee’s ability to protect themselves between the business and their car creates a gap in protection.  Our company policy is if you feel threatened you can ask security to walk you to your car.  I don’t know about your place of work but I would end up having to defend them if anything occurred, they are definitely not secret service caliber protection.  In the state of Wisconsin an employer can prohibit an employee from exercising their constitutional right to bear arms.  Can you imagine if your employer tried to limit any other constitutional right?  The employer cannot however prevent them from storing their handgun in their automobile even if it is on company property. So now I am storing a loaded firearm in my vehicle for the 9 or 10 hours I am at work.  Hmmm, really?  How is that going to help me if I am approaching my car and the window is broken and criminal one is holding my gun.  That would really suck.  I guess I can’t sue the company if I am killed with my own gun in their parking lot.  I guess my wife and children could sue but that would probably go nowhere fast.  Oh well, at least they provide two years’ salary in case I die.

Back to the original thought I had.   I work for a good company.  They are intent on keeping me safe.  The global security sent out a message on Friday informing everyone that one that there was criminal activity in the parking lot on company property.  The security team approached the individual stealing private property and the security guard was threatened with a knife.  The police were called and the individual was arrested.  This could have ended very different.  What if it wasn’t a security person that came upon the criminal, how would that have played out?  It wasn’t even a year ago that a visitor to the company was assaulted at the same campus.  This also occurs on college campuses.  I attended the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee campus.  The area of Milwaukee is not the best.  There were often times reports of criminal activity.  So many times the University President would say how safe the campus was but there were always those reports being sent out.  Here again the campus has a policy that if you don’t feel safe the campus police, who are armed, will escort you.  Just think, what if you could defend yourself?  I guess they wouldn’t have anything to do but bust underage drinking, frat parties and issue me parking tickets.   If campus is so safe, why are they armed?  Maybe to just look cool.  Criminal activity occurs anywhere a criminal thinks they will have easy targets.  No one would rob a gang of bikers; they would get the A$$e$ kicked.  The lion attacks the weak, old or the easy prey, porcupines have few natural enemies.  Why? They are heavily armed with few weaknesses.

Limiting law abiding citizens from protecting themselves might be legal, it might make sense to lawyers and those who live in gated communities but those of us who live in the real world understand that protecting ourselves and our loved ones is the most important thing we can do.  As a husband and a father, I want to provide for my family, this is spiritually, financially and physical protect from what this world brings.  I need to come home every day; they need to go to bed every night knowing that they are safe.  I don’t lock the door because I hate everyone outside the doors are locked because I love everyone inside.  Don’t infringed on my right to protect my family or myself.   Don’t Infringe on My rights to Bear Arms.

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