Update to Wisconsin CCW training

An addition to the training manual has been made specifically to address the use of electronic weapons, i.e. stun guns commonly known as Tasers ™. These have been confusing in the state of Wisconsin.  Before Act 35 and resolution 93 enacting Concealed Carry within the state these types of weapons were banned.  They do fall under the preview of the Concealed Carry Laws.  These are designed be used offensively or defensively, to immobilize or incapacitate by the use of electric current.  Appendix H of the training manual is covered under Wis statute 941.295.  It does state that you must have a concealed carry license to carry or possess an electronic weapon.  Transporting is not illegal if it is in a case.  These are the same rules if transporting any firearm.  You can also possess an electronic weapon in your dwelling, place of business or on your land.

Some store locations that sell these will only sell them if you are a licensed Concealed Carry holder. Others however do not require this and they are placed out on an open rack.  It is important to note that the statute states in 1m whoever sells, transports manufactures possesses or goes armed with any electronic weapon is guilty of a Class H Felony.  Paragraph 2 describes who is exempt from paragraph 1m.

It is important to stay apprised of changes or updates to the law and training.


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