Practice, Practice then Practice more

I have now been shooting IDPA (International Defensive Pistol Association) events for the past year. I am also an active member a t a local gun club and teach basic pistol classes for the NRA.  Before all of this I spent 21 years in the US Army, all in a Combat Arms role.  To say the least I have fired quite a few rounds in my day.  Shooting everything from a 9MM handgun to the M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun.   I have even had the pleasure of pulling the cord on a 3 inch, 75 mm artillery piece.  This past weekend I shot a match with the Badger IDPA in low light conditions.  Tough match under difficult situation of holding a flashlight and firing stationary and on the move.  I made the huge mistake of not pulling the trigger since the August match.  This means not shooting for about 3 months.  Man did suck.  Nothing will replace actually going to the range and firing your firearm of choice.  Putting rounds down range is how a shooter gets better.  It also makes a good shooter more effective.  The good news for me was that I was only engaging paper targets, if I had to use these skills under a real situation it would not have been the best situation.


The biggest things as shooters and CCW holders it is our responsibility to be accurate at shooting. Firing inaccurate in a crowd could have a terrible outcome.  I know that I will dedicate more of my time doing dry fire drills but also putting rounds down range.

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