Supporting your 2nd Amendment right and deciding to carry

This is a monumental decision. This decision can be life changing.  If you need to use your gun in self-defense it will forever change who you are in some people’s minds.  It could also impact you legally.  You could be charged with homicide.  Hopefully it would be deemed as justifiable homicide and this will not go any further.  This does not protect you from civil suits or possible criminal suits.  I am not trying to scare anyone away, it is just the facts.  I have heard it said “I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6”.  Okay, outside of the legal and civil aspects let’s talk about the moral choice and personal ability.  When deciding to carry you have to think about what could be the end result.  The taking of human life.  If you can look deep inside yourself and say “I could never take another human’s life” then you should not carry.  What you will end up doing is carrying the weapon that will do you in.  The criminal will not have any problem in taking you gun from you and using it against you.  You will in effect, give them the tools to do bodily harm to yourself and possibly your loved ones.  No can say that, without a doubt, how they will react in this situation.  Until you have to lock and load preparing to defend yourself or your family’s life, you will not know.  If at this point you want to carry, whether to protect yourself and family or just to exercise your 2nd Amendment right training will be paramount.  Getting formal training is a great place to start.  Beyond the formal training there is practice.  If you think you can watch a video or take a couple hour class and be proficient at using your gun for self-defense you are sadly mistaken.  Nothing replaces pulling the trigger at the range.  It is also beneficial to go to a range were you can draw from your holster or concealed placement and fire while moving. You will never regret being “over trained” or “over practiced”.

Gerhardt Bobzien

One response to “Supporting your 2nd Amendment right and deciding to carry

  1. The more guns the better. It’s about time we have someone who protects and loves the 2A. We have similar info boss.

    Let’s follow each other. I’ll follow you now.


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