Shooting without my glasses

I was not blessed with good eyesight. I now have bi-focal lenses in my glasses.  Joy I can’t see up close or far away.  How can I shoot my handguns?  Well I can tell you it takes a lot of practice shooting with and without glasses.  I actually have two separate pairs of glasses, one with progressive lenses and the other just for distance seeing.  I shoot using both pair.  Shooting with the progressive I am able to adjust my head to clearly see my front sight and also readjust to see the target.  It works but is awkward and slow.  I shoot unit my distance glasses and the front sight is a complete blur.  It works, it is faster that the progressive but accuracy on the target is hampered.  I shoot best without glasses.  I can see the front sight clearly and quickly with the target somewhat blurry.  I have found that it isn’t as important for me to have that clear picture of the target, a slightly blurred image can be hit.  Now understand my distance issues aren’t that bad, I can see but do not have a crisp line around figures.  I do shoot at the outside edge instead shoot center mass.  This got me thinking about training.  How many people wear contacts or glasses but would have them if they were disturbed from sleep by an intruder.  “Train the way you fight” has always been the mantra in the military.  This is no different.  When practicing you handgun skills it is important to vary your training to meet different needs.  Shoot sitting down, off (or weak) hand, walking back, up close and yes, with limited vision.

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