Why are they criminalizing my Constitutional right?

When a person stands up for their own right or the rights of another afforded by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights everyone cheers for their strength. If a member of our government attempts to control one of those rights, think about freedom of speech or voting, the news media and activists come out of the woodwork.  They should, these rights are guaranteed to every American, almost.  The 2nd Amendment to the Constitution is different.  If you stand for this right you are labeled as a right wing gun nut.  Our forefathers put this amendment in the bill of rights to protect the rest of our rights from an oppressive government.  They lived through this oppression and did not want history to repeat itself within our country.  These men had great foresight into what would be needed.  This amendment needs little else to explain what they intended.  “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”  This sentence says a lot.  It also carries very important punctuation.  The portion about the militia is separated by the comma from the right to keep and bear arms.  It does not say that you need to be part of a militia to keep and bear arms; it says that a militia is need so you need to be able to keep and bear arms.  The keeping and bearing arms allows the people to form a militia.  The biggest part of this is that is ends with, “shall not be infringed.”  Merriam-Webster states the definition of infringe is “to wrongly limit or restrict”.

So this goes back to the original question, Why is it that they continue to make me the criminal (or feel like a criminal) for exercising my Constitutional right? Is this an abusive government that worries that once they begin to step too far from the Constitution the people will stand up for their rights?  If they can make this right fall, which one or ones will be next.  People can lie to themselves and say they can’t take away our rights, just wait.  Ask a prisoner if they have lost their right to vote.  Ask a member of the military who are in a combat zone and their ballots don’t get counted due to the fact that time constraints prevent their delivery.  The 2nd Amendment makes sure the other amendments and the Constitution are followed and afforded to all.

We must stand together to ensure that the Second Amendment does not fall or get changed to a point where it is ineffective for citizens to defend themselves or their country.

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