Personal Protection Training

Personal and Home Protection will mean different things to different people. The focus of training will be general enough for everyone, yet allow each student the ability to apply the techniques to their own personal situation, answering the questions:

How can I deter an attack from happening?

How can I secure my property from physical or cyber threat?

How can I defend in the event that an attack occurs?

Your instructor is NRA Certified to teach Personal Protection In the Home. The focus is on how to be proactive and situational awareness. We’ll cover such things as how to secure your home using easy access items such as locks, lights, and cameras. We’ll discuss how to avoid unintentional advertising that your home is unprotected. You’ll receive realistic and effective ideas regarding what can be used as natural protection,(cover), and what can be used to hide,(concealment). Learn how to create a plan in case of an emergency, such as a safe room. Also learn simple techniques for teaching your children how to appropriately react to threatening situations, and how to respond to police. Cannonball Defense believes that using a weapon is the last line of defense, but one that you should be prepared for in the event of an emergency situation.

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